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Annual Temporary Contemporary Art Installation

In 2012 we launched what has now become an annual temporary installation of a contemporary artwork on Sheridan’s Trafalgar campus. The inaugural installation was Derek Sullivan’s Endless Kiosk 2012; in 2013 we sponsored a vitrine installation, Dopplekopf, by Roula Partheniou. This past year, Jon Sasaki installed A Clock Set Twenty-four Hours into the Future, (seen above.)


In keeping with Sheridan’s Mission Statement that “Sheridan delivers a premier, purposeful educational experience in an environment renowned for creativity and innovation” the Temporary Contemporary art installation has its overall objectives:

1. To bring innovative and original artwork by high profile artists into the Sheridan community.
2. To enrich the experience of students, faculty and staff at the Sheridan Trafalgar campus with stimulating and challenging artwork.
3. To animate and elevate the quality of our public spaces with engaging artwork.
4. To integrate this artwork into curriculum through an artist’s talk, workshops and projects related to the installed artwork.
4. To link the Sheridan Community to the broader cultural and artistic milieu.

Submission Proposal Requirements

Consideration should be given to the safety of the Sheridan Community so that the proposed artwork has no sharp edges, can’t be climbed on, has no fragile parts, is made of fire resistant materials, etc.

The proposal should be submitted as a PDF document to:

Lisa Todd
Faculty of Animation Arts and Design
Sheridan College
1430 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, Ontario L6H 2L1

Phone: 905 845 9430 Ext. 2411

Artwork should be a response to one of the following sites at the Sheridan Trafalgar campus:

A. Theatre Lobby & Hallway / D Wing
B. Main Entrance D Wing
C. Outside Book Store
D. Along B wing corridor
E. Stream and banks
F. (Campus Map)

Please include the following with your submission:

1. A description of the proposed artwork/installation as a response to selected site.
2. A sketch of the proposed artwork or an image of the work if it already exists.
3. Dimensions of the proposed work.
4. Technical details about the artwork’s construction and how the artwork would be installed and secured in the chosen location.
5. The value of the work for insurance purposes.
6. An explanation outlining how this installation would enhance students’ and faculty’s experience at Sheridan.
7. How the artwork could be integrated into curriculum at Sheridan.
8. Contact information for getting in touch with the artist involved.

Adjudication Process

A six-member Selection Committee made up of representatives from Sheridan and from the larger arts community will assess initial proposals.
This Selection Committee will select three proposals from all those submitted to consider for possible implementation. Each of the three finalists will be invited to the Trafalgar Campus in Oakville to tour the proposed site with representatives from Facilities Management, Health & Safety department and members of the Selection Committee. Based on the recommendations of these three groups a single work will be selected from the three proposals. A representative from the Selection Committee will contact the successful candidate.


Friday, May 15, 2015, 12:00 noon: Deadline for submission of proposal
Friday, May 22, 2015: Selection of three finalists
May 25 – June 1, 2015: Site visits for three finalists
June 10, 2015, Finalist selected by jury
Installation date: August 14-31, 2015
De-installation date: Late April or early May (to be negotiated)

Payment Schedule

1. Each of the three finalists being considered will receive $500 for their proposal and site visit expenses.
2. The successful candidate will receive $7,000 paid in three installments:
3. Upon notification of being chosen the successful candidate – 25%
4. After delivery and installation of the artwork at Sheridan’s Trafalgar Campus in Oakville – 50%
5. Within 30 days of the work’s de-installation date – 25%
6. Shipping allowance of up to $1,000 for final installation. (Original receipts required.)
6. Insurance during transit to/from Sheridan College is the responsibility of the artist.

Publicity, Documentation and Curriculum Integration

The artwork will be publicized both within and outside the Sheridan community through various media platforms and outlets.
Sheridan faculty will document the artwork, so that image files can be provided to the artist, media and the institution.
There is an expectation of an artist’s talk and integration of the artwork into curriculum at Sheridan.

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