Nelvana at Sheridan: 43 years of creative excellence

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A group shot featuring Nelvana members Helen LeBeau (middle right), Judy Leung (middle left), Ben Hu (middle left), Jason Groh (second row left) and Aiden Glynn (far right).

Eight members of Nelvana Limited stopped by Sheridan to help third and fourth year Animation students with their portfolios and group films. Nelvana develops, produces and distributes animated content, and is part of the Corus Kids Television entertainment portfolio. Corus Entertainment has also owned Nelvana since 2002. Helen LeBeau, Vice President of Production and Broadcast Operations at Corus, was among the presenters who spoke to students in the evening of the event.

Helen joined Nelvana in 2002 to run its post-production group, focusing on servicing the animation slate and building the digital post facility to leverage creative and technical efficiencies. She is a graduate of the Media Arts Program at Sheridan College and is a Sheridan Alumni Board member.

Joining her to speak and answer questions were Jason Groh, Ben Hu and Aiden Glynn. Michael Lahay, Judy Leung, Patrick Kil and Don Gauthier looked at 3rd and 4th year student portfolios during the afternoon. Following their hour long presentation, many Sheridan students participated in a lively discussion with topics focused on Sheridan’s relationship with Nelvana as well as future career opportunities.

This year Animation students have had the privilege to receive presentations from Guru Studio president and founder Frank Falcone as well as long-time Disney and Dreamworks animator Mike Surrey.

Below are a few photos taken at the event.


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