Sheridan graduate getting high praise for documentary

Theatrical Poster for Lena Macdonald's documentary Mom and Me.

Theatrical Poster for Lena Macdonald’s documentary Mom and Me.

Sheridan Advanced Television & Film graduate Lena Macdonald will have her documentary world premiere next week at Toronto’s Hot Docs Festival. Macdonald worked on her short-film Mom and Me for 15-years as the plot focuses on her personal life and the search for her mother, who left Macdonald at a very young age. In the making of the film Macdonald was helped by her mentors at Sheridan who include Advanced Television & Film coordinator Jean Desormeaux, Professor Vlad Kabelik, and Randall Kapuscinski Professor of Transmedia and Pre-visualization.

Her compelling and touching story recently made the cover of Toronto Star’s Life and Entertainment section. Star columnist Martin Knelman had this to say about the film.

“Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke and their collaborators famously took 12-years to make Boyhood, but a little-known indie Toronto filmmaker named Lena Macdonald has surpassed that stat. Those who see this shocking, poignant and courageously revealing documentary will understand why it took Macdonald so long.”
The article goes on to quote Macdonald who says “Making the film has been incredible and taught me so much, but it has also been a heavy burden. I have a lot of drive, but maybe my obsession with rescuing my mother was detrimental to my career. I should have released my first film 10 years ago.”

The Hot Docs festival opens today and will last until May 3rd. Read the full Star article here.

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