Joe Morse illustrates special edition of Beloved by Toni Morrison


Toni Morrison’s award winning novel “Beloved” illustrated by Sheridan’s Joe Morse.

Toni Morrison’s Beloved is widely considered the greatest of all American novels published in last quarter of the 20th century, but, until now, it has never been released as an illustrated edition. Sheridan’s Bachelor of Illustration program coordinator Joseph Morse was commissioned by The Folio Society to illustrate the Nobel laureate’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

The Folio Society also issued a press release about his work saying “Joe Morse’s award-winning illustrations, approved by the author, capture the novel’s extraordinary power. “The illustrations have recently won awards from Communication Arts and American Illustration. Furthermore, Flavorwire interviewed Morse and he said “When I was contacted by The Folio Society in early 2014 to illustrate Beloved, I truly had to read the email twice. I have worked on many major projects during my career, but this was beyond belief. I had read Beloved in the past, so I read it again and again. I researched the time period, developed character sketches, noted passages that I could visualize, and I decided on an image that, after the acceptance of Toni Morrison, is now the frontispiece of the illustrated edition of Beloved.”

You can also read Flavorwire’s entire interview with Morse here.

You can read more on the novel by visiting The Folio Society’s official website.




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