Sheridan graduate success stories: Jordan Scott

2015 Gardiner award winner Jordan Scott's Glazed Earthenware Platter.

2015 Gardiner award winner Jordan Scott’s Glazed Earthenware Platter.

2015 Ceramics graduate Jordan Scott recently won the Gardiner Award which is handed out to the “Best In Show” exhibit. Jordan also received $500 and an exhibition in the Lobby Window at the Gardiner next year. Since then, Jordan has traveled to Korea for a research trip visiting pottery villages, meeting master potters and will soon go to the UK to be a pottery intern at the historic Leach Pottery in St. Ives. They are among the most respected and influential studio potteries in the world. After his internship there, he will go to China to continue his international travels and research in ceramics for three months.

Head of Ceramics and professor Linda Sormin said “Jordan Scott is a skilled maker, an eager thinker and whole-heartedly committed to innovation in craft. He is energetic and persistent, even when the work is difficult.  He is approachable and enthusiastic about helping his fellow students because, in his own words, he ‘knows what it’s like to struggle.’
Jordan has created an extraordinary series of large scale ceramic vessels this year.  His pair of ‘Seed Jars’ won the Gardiner Award, and he finds great inspiration from Korean, Chinese and British pottery traditions.  He continues to strive towards learning and inventing new approaches to ceramics.  He says ‘I need to be good at what I do if I want to be successful in life.’

He is the first person in his family to graduate from college.  As a member of the Sheridan Ceramics Class of 2015, Jordan is part of an extraordinary group of 12 students who are showing great promise as they start out in their professional careers.  It has been exciting and personally rewarding for me to work with them as their professor over the past three years.  I’ll remember them for their fearlessness and willingness to go ‘all out’ in their work!  They have a rare combination of being generous to each other as a community and taking great risks in their practices as individual makers.  I’ll be raising my glass to them all summer!”

Congratulations to Jordan all of our 2015 Sheridan Ceramics Graduates. Thanks to all of you for coming out to celebrate their four final exhibitions at the Gardiner Museum, The Gallery at Sheridan College, The Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto and at Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery. To view work from the entire class of 2015, visit here.


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