Sheridan Media Arts students to have films featured at The Magna Carta Challenge Student Film Contest

MovieContest GalaSCreening Invite

Magna Carta Film Festival office screening poster 2015.

Three movies produced by students from Sheridan’s Media Arts program (now transformed into the Bachelor of Film and TV Program) – Quinn Dalargo, Christan Nikodemus and Devin Rintoul – will be featured in this year’s Magna Carta Film Festival in Toronto. The Magna Carta Student Film Contest invites film studies students and graduates to submit a short film interpreting what the 800 year-old Magna Carta means to them today. A jury will award cash prizes of $5000 (1st place), $2000 (2nd place) and $500 (3rd place) to the student film directors of the top three films selected as part of the event.

The three third-year Sheridan students have submitted their films and were given the opportunity to showcase their work at the Bloor Cinema screening on Monday, September 28th, 2015 at 9:00 PM offering free admission to the public. The title of the films are Home by Dalargo, Route 66 and The Man In The Painting by Nikodemus and Touch by Rintoul.

The City of Toronto’s website defined the event as an opportunity: “This competition is a joint venture supported by Toronto’s Film, TV and Digital Media Office and its Museums and Heritage Services, ACTRA, the DGC and Hot Docs. We see this as an opportunity to invest in the creative young minds that will shape the future of the City’s onscreen industry.”

Sheridan’s Media Arts program coordinator Kathleen Cummins will be attending the screening supporting the three Sheridan film makers sharing her excitement in experiencing this alongside her students. Congratulations to Sheridan’s student film makers on this terrific accomplishment and best of luck next Monday!


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