Sheridan’s Bachelor of Craft and Design’s involvement at SOFA Chicago 2015

Photo courtesy of SOFA CHICAGO 2015's archive.

Photo courtesy of SOFA CHICAGO 2015’s archive.

For the past seven years students and faculty from Sheridan’s Crafts studios have attended the Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design (SOFA) Fair in Chicago. SOFA is “the premier gallery-presented art fair dedicated to three-dimensional art and design.” This year, faculty and students from our Bachelor of Craft and Design will have a recruitment presence which will also help build awareness of our program at this important venue. Next year, Sheridan will be in a position to host a booth.

From SOFA’S website:

“…what distinguishes SOFA from other top art events is its focus on three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art and design. With a strong educational emphasis, SOFA CHICAGO includes an acclaimed lecture series and special exhibits exploring the artworks on view and surveying new trends in the art world. A VIP program includes exclusive events tailored to high-profile gallery clients and collector/museum groups. SOFA has evolved into a dynamic international marketplace and community – a confluence of perspectives where art, design and people intersect.”

To view a full gallery of SOFA CHICAGO’s photos, visit their official Flickr page here.


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