Second edition of Nancy Beiman’s “Animated Performance” is published


Bachelor of Animation professor Nancy Beiman’s second edition of her book Animated Performance: Bringing Imaginary Animal, Human and Fantasy Characters to Life has been published by Bloomsbury Publishing house with an official release set date set for Thursday, December 3rd, 2015. Animated Performance second edition explores the way an animated character can seemingly “come to life” when their movements reflect the emotional or narrative context of their situation. The recent edition also includes a new chapter with various exercises describing basic animation principles, dozens of new assignments and methods of animating fantasy animal characters. The Sheridan Arts Blog covered the novel in August – 2015 available here.

Beiman touched on her most recent edition saying “Animated Performance was written at a time when animation was becoming more and more imitative of live action; I wanted to see students (and professionals) return to the medium’s roots in fantasy. The workshop in animated acting began in 2011 and one of the assignments was to animate ‘inanimate objects’, without losing the intrinsic character of the object. Some of the student assignments were so imaginative—even though the students may have only just completed the first year of our program—that I asked whether I might include some of them in the second edition. Sarah Kieley’s ‘bendy straw’ rolling its shoulder like a woman, is an outstanding example.”

You can read more on Beiman’s textbook ahead of its official release by visiting Bloomsbury here.

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