Computer Animation graduate releases graphic novel

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Sheridan College Computer Animation graduate John Little released his first graphic novel on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 called The Salesman. Little, who works on video game technology for Time Play Interactive, published the graphic novel with Underbelly Comics. The 68-page book, which crosses genres from sci-fi, to fantasy to western, is set in a post-apocalyptic world of 2333 where Earth has become barren thanks to the world’s rampant wastefulness and the surviving humans have to live off leftovers and scraps. The Salesman follows the story of Nathan Mayor, a dangerously smart vigilante-shaman on a mission to eradicate anyone he deems to be excessive and immoral when it comes to the over-consumption of anything.


Following its release, the novel has received praise from Ty Templeton; the comic book artist of Batman 66 and The Batman Adventures.

Little has over 10 years of experience in Computer Animation, Design, and Illustration and specializes in Video game design, Cartooning, and Storyboarding. You can view all of his past and current work by visiting his personal website here.


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