Advanced Television & Film students bring life back to Oakville post office


Photo by Justin Greaves, Oakville Beaver.

Sheridan’s Advanced Television and Film program recently collaborated with the Town of Oakville to lease space at the decommissioned post office heritage site in downtown Oakville to create a series of short films as part of their capstone group project. Over a one week period, ending on Monday, November 30th, students from the Advanced TV and Film program completed one production each day working in crews of 30 people, for a total of 10 productions.

In an interview with the Oakville Beaver, program coordinator Maureen McKeon stated that the old post-office in Oakville offered a great opportunity in terms of space, time and experience that students could capitalize on. Initially students rented studio space in Toronto, but the prospect of working locally on the project presented itself: “Here, in Oakville, we’ve been able to give classes on the set and the students have had more time to work through their learning stages in the actual place they will be shooting,” McKeon said. “If you walk around downtown Oakville, there’s almost no sign that there’s a vibrant, flourishing arts college just a few kilometres away on Trafalgar Road. This project brings Sheridan to downtown Oakville and vice-versa,” she added.

The students valued the time spent working in the old post-office as it allowed them to get creative while shooting their 3×3 productions which required the use of three characters in three minutes or less. The post office, which has been vacant since April 2012, was leased to Sheridan College with the intention of establishing and cultivating a relationship that could open the door for further collaboration with other Oakville institutions and community partners.

The students’ capstone project, McKeon said, would last until the end of February 2016. Once the films are completed, Sheridan hopes to screen them for the people of Oakville to see through the Oakville Festivals of Film and Art (OFFA). Stay tuned for details on the final product.


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