Sheridan’s program MASSIVE set for May launch

Sheridan College will be offering a brand new innovative graduate certificate program called Music Applied to Stage, Screen and Interactive Visual Environments (also known as MASSIVE) targeted to music professionals. MASSIVE students will work with peers from film & television programs, animation programs, visual effects students, performers and producers in music theatre and authors and content producers from the world of game and game level design.

The program will be managed by Bachelor of Film and TV professor Stephen Barden who conceptualized and helped lead the idea to reality. “Back in 2011 or so, I recognized the need for original music in productions across so many programs at Sheridan. The initial concept of MASSIVE. was as a collaborative, inter-disciplinary response to this need. A quick look across our ‘Creative Campus’ identified seven or eight existing programs that could benefit from output from MASSIVE But just as importantly, those programs also provide a fertile ground for MASSIVE students to develop new compositions and to practice their craft.

Barden continued: “What really sets MASSIVE apart from other composition or scoring programs: the abundance of real-world collaborative opportunities offered to our students. They don’t just work with ‘borrowed’ pieces of visual media (for example, re-scoring an existing film, commercial, or video game). MASSIVE students will actually be working together with the creators of original content (short, live-action or animated films, television projects, music theatre productions, video games and apps) to become truly immersed in how the creation of music can shape the audience experience.

“Oh, and for those wondering about the name? MASSIVE actually came to me very quickly back in the early days of the idea and continues to make for a great calling card for what we are going to create – a hugely successful applied music program.”

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