Woven Stories: A Collaborative Public Art Mural at Davis Campus


Last week, Sheridan College unveiled ‘Woven Stories’, a colourful, two-storey public art mural, on the western façade of the Rob Turner Building at its Davis Campus, visible from McLaughlin Road, south of Steeles Avenue.

The project was Sheridan’s first large scale foray into experiential design, which concerns how you experience your environment and interact with space.  It also created a reverse internship/co-op learning opportunity for students.  On a functional level, it contributes to energy conservation, rehabilitates an unpleasant space, and adds a visually rich and freely accessible artistic experience to Brampton.

Two students from illustration, Sadie Marfisi and Chris Sisti and one from industrial design, Neil Smith were paid for their work on the project and also used the experience to fulfill their program requirements for a co-op placement, each having put in 420 hours over the summer of 2015. Marco Cibola, a professor of illustration served as a consultant on the graphics and an additional resource for the students.  Other faculty who contributed to the charrette, supervised students and managed the dedicated workspace on campus include Associate Dean of Design, Illustration and Photography Donna Braggins, Associate Dean of Material Arts and Design Heather Whitton, and Professor Les Sasaki.

Ronni Rosenberg, Dean of the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design adds, “It was very important that we structured this project as a learning opportunity for our students.  It’s a powerful thing when you can create a studio in which industry experts incubate young talent and students get to feel the pride of knowing that they’re creating a legacy piece that benefits the community.”

A visual exhibit archiving the steps and decisions involved in the design and production process is on display in the B wing corridor at Sheridan’s Trafalgar Campus in Oakville.

Read the full backstory of the project on the Sheridan Curiosities blog. 

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