2016 YSDN Grad Exhibition | The Intermission

CCP_1244The Intermission is a celebration of the 2016 YSDN program’s graduating class and a reflection on the graduates’ past four years of study. The exhibition provides for a platform for these emerging designers to introduce themselves and their unique eye to the world. Catch up on the action at the YSDN grad show and visit their website to see the works.

The York/Sheridan Program in Design is the first and largest program in Ontario that offers the Bachelor of Design Honours degree, a four-year University degree delivered jointly by York University and Sheridan College. The York/Sheridan Program in Design (YSDN) combines practice and theory to create a truly unique design degree. The program’s curriculum emphasizes innovation, creativity and strategic thinking as applied to visual communication. Visit our program page to learn more.

CCP_1233  CCP_1234  CCP_1235  CCP_1237  CCP_1240  CCP_1242  CCP_1243  CCP_1271  CCP_1275  CCP_1278  CCP_1282  CCP_1286  CCP_1293  CCP_1294  CCP_1295  CCP_1313  DSC_0008(1)  DSC_0009(1)  DSC_0019(1)  DSC_0026(1)  DSC_0031(1)  DSC_0032(1)  DSC_0034(1)  DSC_0035(1)  DSC_0036(1)  DSC_0037(1)  DSC_0040(1)

Photos by Cindy La and Javid Aziz.

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