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Congratulations to the 2016 graduates of Sheridan College’s Visual Merchandising Arts program! The end of year exhibition, BrandX7,  tells a story of unwavering strength, perseverance, and a thirst for re-birth. Envisioned as a post apocalyptic revival, the designers of BrandX7 invited visitors to travel to each of the planet’s continents to explore the new and innovative trends that this imagined world brings.

Visit our gallery below to see the glamorous and innovative displays of BrandX7. To learn more about the portfolios of this year’s graduates, visit the BrandX7 website.

Holt Renfrew. Le Chateau. Décor & More. Anthropologie. IKEA. These are only a few of the exciting brands and exceptional companies that our graduates now call home. Sheridan College’s Visual Merchandising Arts program is commitment to staying relevant, fresh and connected to the latest industry trends. What makes the visual merchandising training at Sheridan so dynamic and progressive is a curriculum specifically designed to develop and elevate creativity while building communication and leadership skills. Currently, Sheridan Visual Merchandising Arts program courses are held at the Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville, Ontario. In the fall of 2016, the program will be moving to the Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga, Ontario. To learn more about the Visual Merchandising program, visit the program page.

    brandx7_exterior copy brandx7_entrance brandx7_winning_tradeshow_models_          brandx7_promotional vignette_europe_bar brandx7_greeters


vignette_africa       vignette_india

Africa                                                                                Asia
Brett W, Danielle H, Ali M, Jasmine M,                                              Stacey T, Michelle G, Chelsea K, Lisa Z, Angela V,
Janice L,Jess D, Jay T, Lin Z                                                             Melanie B, Cimy C, Mya K, Victoria R


vignette_austrailia        vignette_south_america

Australia                                                                            South America
Gillian P,  Yvonne H, Nabs K                                                               Gillian A, Al B, Shawna S, Kira R
Ashley V, Sam DS, Jules N                                                                 Sam G, Cindy T, Alexis E, Luby Y






Jess P, Randi C, Laura K, Allison R, Sarah E,
Emily W, Rene P







Emma H, Mattie D, Anna H, Leitha Y, Meagha B, Sarah S, Jiyoon L













North America
Laura G, Ashley F, Sydney J, Sabrina W, Fran G,
Catherine C, Rain F, Sierra L


Award Winners:

st.joseph_honourable_mention_professor:diane_spiridoulias_Allison_Rostic st.joseph_3rd_place_professor:diane_spiridoulias_kira_reichl st.joseph_2nd_place_professor:diane_spiridoulias_ashely_vlasic st.joseph_1st_place_professor:diane_spiridoulias_mattie_dube sheridan_portfolio_3rd_place_presenter:jon_harari:windowswear_allison_rosticsheridan_portfolio_2nd_place_presenter:jon_harari:windowswear_laura_garzon sheridan_portfolio_1st_place_presenter:jon_harari:windowswear_randi_colfax on-the-move-janice_li_presenters:franch_family klemann_scholarship_aoi_kocha_presenter:charles_machen_heidi_pollack cga_2nd_place_scholarship_nessa_elguera_professor_annette_dearling-manchester cga_1st_place_scholarship_professor:annette_dearling-manchester_Meagan_Ruffini le_chateau_window_award_presenter:shawn_schmidt_Nayoung_Kim le_chateau_nayoung_kim_personal_promotion_windowle_chateau_group_window_award_jessica_dowling_presenter:shawn_schmidt_laura_garzon_lisa_zapotoczny_qimen_chen_brett_wilson le_chateau_group_window_furniture_choi_graham copy brandx7_winning_tradeshow_models_cga_tradeshow_1st_place_model_professor:annette_dearling-manchester_lisa_zapotoczny cga_tradeshow_2nd_place_model_professor:annette_dearling-manchester_gillian_alexander cga_tradeshow_3rd_place_model_professor:annette_dearling-manchester_shley_freake cga_tradeshow_honourable_mention_model_professor:annette_dearling-manchester_ying_hecga_tradeshow_1st_place_davids_tea cga_tradeshow_1st_place_dt_detail cga_tradeshow_1st_place_davids_tea_detail cga_tradeshow_2nd-place_saturdays cga_tradeshow_2nd_place_saturdays_detail cga_tradeshow_3rd_place_polariod

Photos Courtesy of Louise Franklin.

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