2016 Photography Grad Student Exhibition | 57 Voices

_T7A0043Captured through the lenses of this year’s graduating Bachelor of Photography students, 57 Voices illustrates diverse perceptions of the conceptual, technical, and aesthetic possibilities of photography as a professional medium. This exhibition is presented as a part of the 2016 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival and is curated by Clare Vander Meersch (director of photography, The Globe and Mail magazines).

Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Photography program combines practice, history and theory, enabling students to make images that communicate perceptions, emotions and ideas. The program prepares students for careers at the high end of advertising, fashion, editorial and corporate photography for print and online publication. To learn more, visit our program page. Click here to see the works of the graduating class.

Instagram: @57voices

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Photos Courtesy of Emily Gethke. 

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