2016 Animation Industry Day


Home to Canada’s largest arts school, Sheridan College has been teaching animation since 1971, and today offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in animation, as well as three post-graduate programs in computer animation, visual effects and character animation. Our graduates include Oscar nominees and winners who have helped fuel the surge in popularity of animated films by studios including Pixar, DreamWorks and Disney. Most recently, Animation Career Review named Sheridan as No. 1 among the top 100 animation schools in the world. Sheridan also offers an innovative Bachelor of Game Design and a cluster of high-demand graduate certificate programs in the gaming discipline.

The specific intent of the Industry Day event is to showcase the talents of our graduating class from the Digital Visual Effects, Computer Animation, Digital Character Animation and the Bachelor of Animation programs. This event invites industry experts to see what our graduates have to offer.

Click here to see the work of our 2016 graduates. Visit the Animation Industry Day’s website to catch up on all the details from the event.

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Industry Day Commercial 2016:

Award Winners:

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Guru Studio: Best Character Animation Award
Josh Wald

Guru Studio: Best Story Award
Katerine DeVries

Guru Studio: Best Character Design Award  
Alice Lemma

Nelvana: Best Art Direction Award  
Jason McLean

Nelvana: Best 3D Computer Animation       
Brendan Lindsay

Nelvana’s Honourable Mention Award        
Daniel Tal

Arc Production Best Use of the Animation Medium Award 
Yang Huang

House of Cool presents the Gerry Zeldin Story Award   
Jemal Cunningham

DHXcellence Award in 2D Animation
Omar Elhindi

DHXcellence Award in 3D Animation           
Alexandra Forshaw

Mercury Filmworks: Triple Threat Award Story, Design and Best Overall Animation   
Nick Nason

Tibor Madjar Animation Award        
Zuoyang Li

Shaw Media Scholarship – Stop Motion        
Christina Levy

Shaw Media Scholarship – Visual Effects     
Zengbao Liu

Shaw Media Scholarship – 3rd Year  
Jessica Caseley

DreamWorks Animation Scholarship           
Stephanie Chiew

DreamWorks Animation Scholarship 
Justin Chan

Gerry Zeldin Life Drawing For Animation Award
Mandela Smith

Gerry Zeldin Life Drawing For Animation Award
Salome Siktanc

Glenn McQueen Memorial Award    
Eunsoo Ahn

Glenn McQueen Memorial Award    
Charlit Floriano

HP People’s Choice Award
Yang Huang

HP People’s Choice Award    
Josh Wald

Jon Klassen Animation Award          
Nick Nason

Dean DeBlois Animation Award       
Federico Kempke 

Graham Annable Animation Award  
Ying Coco Cheung

The Wacom Student Excellence Award
Sarah Overend


Photos by Aldines Zapparoli.

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