Craft and Design Welcomed Glass Enthusiasts to the Fourth-Annual Glass Gathering

img_4452Congratulations to Sheridan’s Craft and Design Glass studio on hosting another successful Glass Gathering conference.

Now in its fourth year, Glass Gathering was initiated after various discussions on how Sheridan could support the glass community and glass studio graduates. On Saturday, September 10, the glass studio at Trafalgar Campus welcomed over 150 people to a day filled with lectures and panel discussions, hot shop, flame working and kiln casting demonstrations.

A highly anticipated networking event, visitors traveled from Montreal, Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Georgia, Corning, NY, and all over the province to participate. Guest speakers included Dr. Glen Cook, who discussed the science behind glass-making, and demonstrations by Geoffrey Crozier, who demonstrated how to sculpt flower forms. The day concluded with an auction featuring glass artworks, publications and other hand made goods, and the entertaining glass Olympics where artists are challenged with creating a work while facing obstacle such as having their legs strapped.

“It was a great opportunity to bring together a group of people who are all passionate about glass making,” said co-organizer Sylvie Jensen. “We are a tight-knit community that is always excited to collaborate and share.”

Studio head Koen Vanderstukken sees these events as “a great opportunity for students and graduates to interact with each other and with the glass community at large. Students are exposed to valuable information and given some great networking opportunities that could directly benefit their future carrier.”

A special thanks to Sheridan’s Alumni Association who have sponsored the luncheon for two years in a row.

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Photos by Andrew Snyders.

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