Bachelor of Interior Design student Megan Dougherty wins Bullock + Wood Student Award

Congratulations to Bachelor of Interior Design student Megan Dougherty on winning the 2016 Bullock + Wood Interior Design Student Award.

Founded in 1979, Bullock + Wood Design Inc. specializes in interior design and project management services for the creation, relocation and renovation of corporate offices. Launched in 1995, the Award is open to all students enrolled in an ARIDO recognized interior design program in Ontario. A design challenge is circulated to schools each November and the submitted entries are judged by the firm’s staff. The award of $1,000 will be shared between Megan and her co-winner, Brooke Zacharuk of Algonquin College.

Congratulations to Megan and the faculty of Interior Design who mentored her throughout this competition. We are all extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students and the ongoing commitment of the faculty to students and the program. Yeah team! 

Heather Whitton

Associate Dean, Sheridan College Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design


Megan’s submission included three designs, each tackling the specific challenges of working with the needs and functionalities of a type of space. Megan is currently completing her degree in the Bachelor of Interior Design program. She holds a diploma in Interior Decorating from Sheridan. Previously, Megan was awarded the IDRC-Dennis Mascall Scholarship Award for most outstanding work throughout Interior Decorating Program.

Through the Interior Design Program here at Sheridan, our creativity is pushed within various interior applications.  Throughout these designs, I strive to make each space not only functional but also inspiring. The pieces within my portfolio highlight this and showcase my drive for creativity and uniqueness through each design. 

Megan Dougherty

 Bach of Interior Design Student, 2016 Bullock + Wood Interior Design Student Award Winner


Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor of Interior Design program will provide the practical, hands-on training and creative approach that we built our reputation on, while also introducing more theoretical and research components. Our innovative program has always kept pace with rising professional standards in the interior design industry. We’re recognized by the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO).

Visit our program page to learn more about the Bachelor of Interior Design program.

See more of Megan Dougherty’s work on her website.

Images courtesy of Megan Dougherty. 

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