Sheridan Illustration Graduate and Faculty Featured in CBC’s Exhibitionists Series

Congratulations to Sheridan Illustration faculty Hyein Lee and graduate John Soleas on their recent individual features in the CBC’s Exhibitionists Series. Hosted by Amanda Parris, Exhibitionists is a series of 30 minute profiles focusing on individuals who create, why they do it and the most exciting cultural happenings across Canada.

Hyein was featured for her unique approach on monsters which appear throughout her work in the form of wood collages, animation, and illustrations. She describes her process of transforming what once scared her as a child into a form that is familiar and personal, yet far from cute.

When I draw monsters I feel like they’re part of me.

Hyein Lee, Artist, Illustrator, Sheridan Illustration Faculty

The episode also featured her short film “Twinkling Stars Above”, which tells the story of a friendship between a little girl and an abominable snowman. The plot takes a dark turn when the snowman is suddenly killed by a UFO and the protagonist sets out to avenge his death in an accompanying game, which can be downloaded from her website.

Read more about Hyein’s work on the CBC Arts article, or visit her website. Hyein is currently participating in a group exhibition at the Theatre Centre in Toronto.

You can also follow her on Instagram @Hyeinpain and on Twitter @HyeinPain.




John Soleas’ tackles suburban boredom through his busy and lively illustrations of imagined cityscapes.

If you live in a suburban hell for long enough, you long for more interesting and lively places…and if you can’t always be there, then draw it.

John Soleas, Illustrator, Animator, Sheridan Illustration Grad


Self taught in animation, John loops his creations through videos and gifs. Combining influences from anime, industrial side streets, and Canadian cities, his work captures the bustling, energetic yet demanding characteristics of urban life.

Read more about John’s work on the CBC Arts article, or visit his website.

You can also follow him on Instagram @Yiannisun and on Twitter @Yiannisun.

Watch episodes of Exhibitionists online. 

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Images courtesy of the artists.


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