Get to know the Award-Winning Level Up Games by Sheridan Game Design Students!

Fourth year students from Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor of Game Design program were the big winners at the 2017 Level Up Student Showcase held in Toronto. Winning 10 of the 12 awards available in the four categories of Best Overall Game, Technical Innovation, Artistic Achievement and People’s Choice, Sheridan students demonstrated their exceptional talents in the field.

Learn more about the innovative games created by our students below. From Unspokin‘s hopeful storyline to Detective VR‘s experimental execution of VR technology, each team showcased their innovative and exciting entry into the world of game design.

Disco is Dead!
Third Floor Games
Team: Nuha Alkadi, Coulter Baker, Jeffrey Barkun, Jennifer Johnson, Kassandra Kadar, and Melissa McQuarrie

1st Place Best Overall Game
1st Place Technical Innovation
1st Place Artistic Achievement

Sweeping the competition by winning first place in three of the four categories at Level Up, Disco is Dead! is a narrative-driven co-op arcade game that follows the story of two disco-loving cops who must save their city from a zombie outbreak by slapping (yes you read that right) their opponents! The main gameplay is a fixed runner where players must slap in the indicated directions, and there are interactive comic-book styled cutscenes where slapping can impact the narrative.


An incredibly polished game with comic-cut scenes and detailed background elements to establish a retro and funky style, Disco is Dead! also features custom-designed controllers with zombie heads that players literally slap. To further accentuate the immersive quality of the game to players and to highlight the buddy-cop storyline, the game design team incorporated small disco balls that activate buddy mode when players grab them and high-five each other.


For fans of:
Arcade games, local multiplayer, alternative controller games, and story-driven experiences

Where can I play?:
Disco is Dead! is available for download on
Third Floor Games is also hoping to bring Disco is Dead! to arcades and showcases with the custom built controllers in the near future.

Learn More:
Third Floor Games website
Twitter: @DiscoIsDeadGame

5Horsemen Games
Team:  Katherine Elliott, Eirik Murbræch, Danielle Rainey, PJ Tremblay, and Filipe Seabra

1st Place People’s Choice Award
2nd Place Best Artistic Achievement

Set in a world inspired by of the landscape of Celtic islands, Unspokin is a game centered around a trust-based companionship between a young mute female and a blind bear. Both physically affected by the changing environment around them, the duo teams together to solve puzzles and save the last habitable part of nature. Beautifully designed, it’s no surprise that this game won first place in the People’s Choice category. The single-player platform game teaches empathy and will ultimately leave players with an inspiring story and environmental message.

For fans of:
The last Guardian, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and Ico

Where can I play?:
Unspoken is available for download on

Learn More:
5Horsemen Games Website
Twitter: @5horsemengames

Detective VR
Sixty Forty Games
Team: Mike Amato, Jostein Aasland, Jonathan Bandhu, Mernan Behri, Isaac Munene, and Samuel Mortimer

2nd Place Best Technical Innovation
3rd Place Best Overall Game

In this 80s themed, murder-mystery VR game on the HTC Vive, the player collects clues and interview witnesses before heading back to the police station to interrogate the suspect.

For the last 8 years, detective Jack Conway has been overworked in this crime-infested city, taking on all sorts of cases and putting people behind bars. His latest task is to show his new rookie partner, Salvatore Lucio, the ropes in these two unique cases. As you progress, you interview more people that might not be guilty but can add information to your case. Sixty Forty Games was even approached by the York Region Police to see if they could play Detective VR after being intrigued by the game’s premise. The team also took their story development to the next level by studying neurology to better integrate the VR platform.

For fans of:
L.A Noire, Ace Attorney, Hotel Dusk: Room 215, and VR fans

Where can I play?:
Detective VR is available for download on
Sixty Forty hopes to put Detective VR on Steam sometime in the near future.

Learn More:
Twitter: @SixtyFortyGames


Suplex Games
Team: Siddharth Akolkar, Jin Cai, AJ Luciani, Raymond Luk, Milad Mojab, and Andrew Wade

3rd Place Best Artistic Achievement

Valhalla Showdown is an up to 4 player, FFA local multiplayer beatem’ up game where players get the opportunity to play as Vikings. The main mechanics of the game involve dropkicking, punching, jumping and using weapons to destroy anyone who opposes you. The goal of the game is to get the most kills by the end of the round to be claimed as the Viking with the most glory. This action-packed game features a complex and detailed fighting arena where players can complete for the winning title.

For fans of
Super Smash Bros, Powerstone, and Gang Beasts

Where can I play?
Valhalla Showdown is available for download on

Learn More:
Twitter: @Suplex_Games

Twin Switch

Scend Interactive
Team: Stefano Della Croce, Armand Mech, Jake Nissen, and Mohammad Qureshi

3rd Place Best Technical Innovation
3rd Place Audience Choice Award 

Twin Switch is a competitive twin stick shooter that takes place in a 3D arena; games will take place on small arena-style maps with a focus on power weapons and power positions. Players all start with equal opportunity – the outcome of a battle is determined by making the best use of the abilities and weapons available to the player.

For fans of:
Arena shooters or the twin-stick genre. Halo, Rocket League,Counter-Strikeand Overwatch

Where can I play?
Twin Switch will be up on soon. Keep an eye on theirTwitter for the release!

Learn More:
Twitter: @_scend

Sheridan’s Game Design program focuses on providing applied, real-world skill development. Assignments and class work focus on case studies, simulations and lab projects. Students will also complete a Co-op Work Term within the industry. The final semesters in the program are project-based, in which students work in teams to develop a game.

Visit our program page to learn more. 
Click here to learn more about the Level Up Competition.

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