2017 Visual Merchandising Arts Grad Exhibition | BrandX8

Sheridan’s Visual Merchandising Arts Program held their annual Year End Show & Portfolio Exhibit at Toronto’s OnlyOneGallery.  The second year students identified and created a narrative which was designed to express current retail trends, and each year “Brand X” lives on with a new and innovative theme.  This year the students decided to invite their guests to travel through Flora’s garden. The first installation welcomed guests to a light and romantic tea party under an arbor. They continued their journey and where transported over the bridge into a dark and mystical encounter in the moonlight garden.  The show was a visual thesis and culmination of the student’s core competencies that they learn while in the program.  One component that was also unique; the entire show was realized in their Special Event Planning and Project Management Courses. This much anticipated event offers the opportunity for students to network with industry and celebrate their achievements.

Sheridan College’s Visual Merchandising Arts program is committed to staying relevant, fresh and connected to the latest industry trends. What makes the visual merchandising training at Sheridan so dynamic and progressive is a curriculum specifically designed to develop and elevate creativity while building communication and leadership skills. The Visual Merchandising Arts program is held at Sheridan’s Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga, steps away from Square One Shopping Centre.

Visit BrandX8’s website to see individual student portfolios and learn more about the event.
To learn more about the Visual Merchandising program, visit the program page.
Follow Visual Merchandising Arts on Instagram @sheridanvisualmerchandising to see their day-to-day activities.


Award-winning Trade Show Booths


Congratulations to the Visual Merchandising Class of 2017

Photos by Jenna Macdermaid. Courtesy of Karen Kritzer.

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