Sheridan Grads at the Canadian Cinema Editor Awards

Congratulations to the Sheridan grads who were honoured at the 2017 Canadian Cinema Editor Awards! Founded in 2007, the CCE is a non-profit organization of film-editors with the goal of bettering the art and science of picture editing in all media. The organization promotes picture editing in television, film and new media. This year, several Sheridan grads were honoured by the CCE. Student Merit Recipients included Kayla Salt & Eilish McBrearty for I Am The Wolf, and Steven Patoine for Misaligned.

Misaligned tells the story of a man with a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder as he struggles to gain control of his life in the face of a dissolving marriage. The film follows him as he finds solace in the only pain he can control while struggling to change who he is. Recently, Misaligned was also shown at the 2016 Toronto Short Film Festival. The film was produced in Sheridan’s Media Arts Advanced Diploma program, which has now been developed into a four-year Honours Bachelor of Film and Television program.

I really enjoyed the camaraderie in working together (in production and in post) with a group of people whom I gotten to know over a 3 year period. The fact that they had the same ambitions, dreams and willingness to do their best made me feel as if this has always been the right path towards a career in media all along. Plus, it was a blast editing and bonding with the team throughout this short, despite the many sleepless nights in a row. One year later, I am still grateful that I was asked to be part of this project and looking back it was definitely a labour of love from many involved. All I did was add a little bit of my flare to it. Thank you Sofia & Rose, Sheridan College and the faculty of Media Arts who dropped some serious wisdom on us students.

Steven Patoine, Editor, 2016 Media Arts Alumnus

Created in the Advanced Film and Television program, I Am The Wolf is a character-driven short documentary about 20 year old amateur boxer Arthur Biyarslanov. The film follows the strength and determination of Arthur’s journey to once again represent Canada (2015 Pan Am Gold Medalist) and qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil. With the mentorship of his coach, the passion of his brother, and the strength and sacrifice of his mother, Arthur trains and fights under incredible pressure to honour the opportunities they have given him and become the champion his family and his adopted country need him to be. Earlier this month, I Am The Wolf  won Best documentary at the 2017 Vaughan International film festival.

Additional awards included Ryan Monteith (Media Arts Alumni) winning Best Editing in Reality/Competition for The Amazing Race Canada: Second Place Isn’t Good Enough, and Jane MacRae (Advanced Television and Film Alumni) in the category of Best Editing in Short Film for Thresher.

Posters courtesy of Steven Patoine and Alexandre Gougeon. 

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