Sheridan Students & Grads at the 2017 Ottawa International Animation Festival

Congratulations to the three Sheridan groups who will be screening their work at the 2017 Ottawa International Animation Festival!

For 41 years, the OlAF has attracted film and animation buffs, art lovers and filmmakers from around the globe. From September 20-24, downtown Ottawa will once again be the stage where cutting-edge, thoughtful, funny and provocative animation films will be screened. Sheridan students have routinely been present at OIAF. Last year, Animation alumna Khoebe Magsaysay won the Via Rail Award for Best Canadian Student Film.

Get to know the participating films below!

Team Members: Antonio CaggianoMichele CastroChristine ChungRussell Denney, Jackie Droujko ,Paul Kennedy, Eleanor MartinZarah NguyenSarah Park and Jay Yoo.
All team members are in their 4th year of the BAA Animation program. The film was completed this past year for their 3rd year group project.

Blindsided 5
Two robbers break into an opulent mansion to steal the priceless treasures inside. Inside, a giant ruby catches their eyes, but is just out of their grasp. Their seemingly simple in and out mission gets complicated when the homeowner unexpectedly arrives, but he’s their best shot at getting what they want. The two have their thieving skills put to the test, as they do all they can to stop the heist from falling off the rails and score big.

Blindsided 2   Blindsided 4   Blindsided 3

Click here to learn more about Blindsided at OIAF.

Shell Game
Team Members: Yishen Li (Digital Character student of Sheridan College, 2016), Jane Zhang (ECE student of Sheridan College, 2014), Xintong Wang (Music Composition student of University of Toronto, 2014)

Shell Game

The Shell Game is a short 3D animated film about a hermit and its shell. A hermit crab with a poor shell finds a crown when he is working but he feel stomachache after he changes his shell.

Click here to learn more about Shell Game at OIAF.

Team Members: Maude Ashby, Airin Budiman, Virginia Findlay, Brad FlowersUna Di GalloKarliegh IvensEmily Millard, Yingqi Wu, and Tiya Zhong
All team members are in their 4th year of the BAA Animation program.

Quarters 3

Four neighbours live out their lives completely unaware of each other until the death of one of them sets off a chain of events that inadvertently brings the remaining three together.

Quarters 1 Quarters 2

Click here to learn more. about Quarters at OIAF.

Images courtesy of their respective artists.

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