Art & Art History Student Anran Guo wins one of three Best-in-Show Awards in the Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition

 Annan Guo  Annan Guo The KnotThe University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition  showcases the talent and excellence of undergraduates in the University of Toronto’s tri-campus visual studies programs. Curated by Guest Curatorial Mentor Renée van der Avoird (Associate Curator at the MacLaren Art Centre) and U of T Masters of Museum Studies students Shauna Taylor, Emilie Albert-Toth, Karley Staskus,  the exhibition comprises work by students in U of T’s three visual arts programs: Art and Art History (Sheridan/UT Mississauga), Visual Studies (UT St. George Campus), and Visual and Performing Arts (UT Scarborough). 

Selected for artistic merit and originality, these works highlight the artists’ diverse and experimental practices. The works shown demonstrate the quality of artistry across multiple media, as well as depth and sophistication of thought in approaching complex concepts and issues. Through themes of identity, family, home and the body, these emerging artists address political issues and explore personal subjects that speak to universal human experiences. The exhibition runs from Friday, March 23 through to April 18. Students from the Sheridan/UTM Joint Honours Bachelor of Art and Art History program include Anran Guo, Heather Riley, Sarah Pereux, Mira Szuberwood, Eleonora Zivkovic, and Chelsea Ryan.

At the opening reception ceremony, Anran Guo was announced as one of three winners for the best-in-show awards. 

Her winning work, The Knot, references a 2017 mass eviction and fire that took place in Beijing, and is a powerful symbol of support towards the city’s precarious migrant-worker community. The work was chosen by awards juror Mona Filip, Director/Curator of Koffler Gallery.


Photo courtesy of John Armstrong. 


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