2018 Sheridan Illustration Stickers: The Market

Screenshots of Illustration Grad Show 2018

Looking for a way to liven your text conversations?

Look no further! The Sheridan College Illustration Class of 2018 has created an iMessage sticker pack to commemorate their graduating exhibition, The Market . As leading visual communicators, the graduates are pushing the boundaries of illustration practice and are excited to share the fruits of their labour.

Click here to download The Market and share this wonderful collection of stickers in iMessage conversations with all your friends and family.

Stickers in this pack:

• Angry Inside by Cleo Lant
• Bird Poop by Sarah Schliederer
• Climb Every Mountain by Shamayal Hayat
• Crying Baby by Sara Macleod
• Crying Onion by Megan Sebesta
• Dagger by Katie Hicks
• Doll by Angela Poon
• Donut by Cory Proulx
• Fingers Crossed by Kate Traynor
• Fish Head by Cory Proulx
• Last Place by Noel Bradley
• Lonely Dirt by Bessie Yu
• Mad by Sofia Gutierrez
• Match by Cory Proulx
• Peace Bones by Katie Hicks
• Peed On by Jesse DeNobrega
• Rutabaga by Sara Macleod
• Sad Pizza by Alyse Nicholson
• Smug Ice Cream by Ben Coleman
• Snobbin’ by Sofia Gutierrez
• Too Much Coffee by Jordan Deschamps
• Tough by Jordyn Campbell
• Ugh by Ashley Wong
• Uuuuuggghhh by Kate Traynor
• Very Nice by Jesse DeNobrega
• Whaaa??? by Josh Yosurack
• Whatever by Michelle Dix

Don’t miss The Market, opening on April 26 at 99 Sudbury.  Click here for more information about the graduating class and their year-end show. 


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