Diva Day Cabaret

Thursday April 26, 2018

The Diva Day Cabaret is a fundraising event for Diva Day 2019, featuring 40 women from Sheridan College’s Honours Bachelor of Musical Theatre Performance Program. Backed by an entirely female tech team from Sheridan’s Technical Production for the Performing Arts Program, this cabaret will feature singing, dance, spoken word and the promise of a brighter future for girls in Kenya.

Click here tickets for to Diva Day Cabaret.

Diva Day is an initiative that aims to empower young women to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in their bodies and in our world through sharing stories, music and menstrual cups! In July of 2017, 170 girls in Butere Kenya were gifted a menstrual cup to ensure that they would never have to miss a day of school again because of their period.

Click here for more information about Diva Day.

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