2018 Honours Bachelor of Photography Grad Show

On May 8, the Honours Bachelor of Photography program’s Class of 2018 unveiled their graduating showcase at 99 Sudbury. Curated by Liz Ikiriko and Rachel Wine as part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, the exhibition features 51 graduates and their unique approaches to the conceptual, technical, and aesthetic possibilities of photography as a professional medium.

Visit the Bachelor of Photography website to see individual portfolios.

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos from the event.


Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor of Photography program prepares graduates for professional photographic practice in dynamic communications industries. Graduates are able to adapt to the increasingly global and technological business environment.

This program provides extensive opportunities for students to immerse themselves in creative processes in areas of visual communications and problem solving. Through hands-on project work, with state-of-the-art technology, students learn to frame problems and issues, research, collect and evaluate ideas, synthesize and express concepts, and communicate effectively with diverse audiences.

Sheridan graduates are found in all areas of professional photography and the visual communications industry in Canada and abroad. Sheridan has helped educate and influence key photography professionals for more than 40 years, with alumni achieving outstanding careers in advertising, fashion, editorial and corporate photography, as well as playing leadership roles in photographic creative teams.


Canon Best in Show Award: Duncan Foy
Canon Award of Excellence: Kayla Del Greco
Wacom Award of Excellence: Alexander Lysakowski
S1 Group Graduating Student Award of Excellence and District 28 Studios Award: Justin Atkins
Neighbourhood Studio Award: Kat Kihlstadius (Katie Galvin)
Pikto Book Award: Dekota Mino
Pikto Book Award: Madeline Murray
Photography Student Council Award: Patrick Marcoux
Photography Graduating Student Award: Nicole Kwon
Gian Carlo Drueco Award: Stephen Gaitan
Josko Rosenwirth Scholarship: Nicole Kwon



Photos by Joanna Wojewoda.

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