Exploring Media’s New Frontiers: Summer Interdisciplinary VR Project at SIRT

Over two days in June, a cross-disciplinary team utilized the motion capture system at SIRT (Screen Industries Research and Training) to record the performances of three motion capture performers. SIRT is Sheridan’s research centre at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. The project was conceived and coordinated by Randall Kapuscinski, a faculty member for both the Bachelor of Film and Television and Advanced Television and Film programs who specializes in transmedia and creative applications for emerging screen-based technologies. Guided by the motion capture experts Spencer Idenouye and Jason Hunter, students learned how to navigate film production when there are no physical cameras or lighting present.

During these two days, the group produced One of Us, an interactive film that is experienced through virtual reality (VR). The film is a poignant cautionary tale that explores the future relationship between humans and machines. This is a collaborative project that involves 23 Sheridan students from Advanced TV & Film, the Bachelor of Film & TV, Bachelor of Game Design, and Digital Creature Animation.

SIRT students preparing for greenscreen  SIRT students shooting video  SIRT Student Makeup

Ayone, Katerina Pravdivaia
Deana, Dawn Sadler
Croto, Ed Robinson

Connor Buote, Director, Advanced TV & Film 2017/18
Megha Saxena, Producer, Advanced TV & Film  2017/18
Alice Li, Producer, Advanced TV & Film  2017/18
Sebastian Scaini, Previs / Unity Operator, Bachelor of Game Design (3rd year)
Bruce McCormack, Previs / Unity Operator, Bachelor of Game Design (3rd year)
Meagan McGraw, Script Supervisor, Advanced TV & Film  2017/18
Chrissy Papaioannou, DMT / On-set & BTS editor, Advanced TV & Film  2017/18
Lianne Graham, Casting Director, Advanced TV & Film  2017/18
Hannah Perks, 3D modeler (environment)  Bachelor of Game Design (3rd/4th year)
Muhammad Naeem, Mocap Tech , Digital Creature Animation 2017/18
Veronica Webster, Mocap/Head-Mounted Camera Tech Digital Creature Animation 2017/18
Catherine Doherty, Head-Mounted Camera Technician, Bachelor of Game Design (2nd year)
Jonathan Woodburn, Location Sound Recordist, Bachelor of Film & TV (4th year)
Shaela McCracken, Boom Operator, Bachelor of Film & TV (3rd year)
Kristina Stanarevic, Utility Sound, Bachelor of Film & TV (3rd year)
Elvin Prince, Writer / Animation Director, Advanced TV & Film 2017/18
Shannon Shura, Shadow AD, Advanced TV & Film 2017/18
Danny Cullen, Reference Camera Operator, Advanced TV & Film 2017/18
Vikas Vasudevan, Reference Camera Operator, Advanced TV & Film  2017/18
Nick Ferguson, Slate Operator, Advanced TV & Film, 2017/18
Melissa Chong, BTS Director, Advanced TV & Film  2017/18
Vlad Litvak, BTS Camera Operator, Advanced TV & Film  2017/18
Yi Xie, BTS Photographer, Advanced TV & Film  2017/18
Spencer Idenouye, Mocap Supervisor, SIRT Virtual Production Lead
Jason Hunter, Production AD, SIRT Virtual Reality Lead

Faculty & Administration
Randall Kapuscinski, Project Supervisor
Ramtin Lotfabadi, Project Consultant
Maureen McKeon, Facilitator for ATVF students
Stephen Barden, Facilitator for BFTV students
Nicolas Hesler, Facilitator for Game Design students
Noel Hooper, Facilitator for Digital Creature students
Maija Saari, Associate Dean, Film, TV & Journalism

Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor in Film and Television is the ideal combination of hands-on, real-world experience backed by theoretical learning in all aspects of the industry. We provide students with the know how to use the technology, write the scripts and produce media content while understanding how it’s funded and applied to multiple platforms. Learn more about the program.

Photos Courtesy of Randall Kapuscinski.

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