Art And Art History Exhibition: The Middle Child

Middle Child 2018 Poster

Fifteen third-year students in the Art and Art History Program were featured in a student-run art exhibition titled The Middle Child, held from July 13 until 25 in the Dignam Gallery in the Women’s Art Association in Toronto. The title of the exhibition refers to the third-year students – with one more year until graduation. Now an annual event, the program provides students with an opportunity to exhibit their own work in a gallery setting in preparation for their fourth year work.

Group photo of students in 2018 Middle Child exhibition

The entirety of the exhibition was designed and curated by students. The team behind the exhibition includes Angela Clarkson, Aniça Latchman, Eleonora Zivkovic, Jay Gonzalez, Mackenzie Boyd, Mira Szuberwood, Nada Hafez, Ryan Manahan, Ryanne Florence, Sabrina Bilic, Sarah Pereux, Sean Morello, Veronika Garbowska, Yemi Oladehinde and Yihan Yi.

Audrey Yip, a third-year student working in video and sound art received the annual 2017 Women’s Art Association of Canada AwardArt and Art History’s 2018 WAAC Award winner will be announced this November. 

  Closeup of blue, peach and grey paint  Sarah Pereux's Pomegrante Split II & III  Sarah Pereux's Dissolve

The UTM and Sheridan joint Art & Art History program is the longest standing partnership of its type in Canada. It combines the study of art history at the University of Toronto Mississauga with studio art courses at Sheridan College. The program is designed to provide students with a strong and diverse base of knowledge that prepares them for a broad spectrum of careers within the arts community and beyond. In the studio, students are introduced to contemporary art practices through problem-based learning, which encourages a range of personal approaches and solutions to visual expression. In the upper-level studios, students go on to further expertise in two of the core-studio streams, developing a body of self-directed artwork in a class environment of discussion and exchange.

Visit the Art and Art History program page to learn more. 

Photos courtesy of The Middle Child 2018 Facebook Page.

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