Fall 2018 FAAD Faculty

Adam Clare, Bachelor of Game Design
Zain Dinath,Bachelor of Game Design
Mario Positano, Bachelor of Animation
Kristen Abrahamson, Art Fundamentals
Aseel Khalil, Interior Decorating
Steve Hudak, Bachelor of Interaction Design
Meredith Thompson, Bachelor of Interaction Design
Bill Zeilstra, Lighting and Technical Director, Technical Theatre
Tracy German, Bachelor of Film and TV, Indigenous Media Specialist
Alan Flint, Media Fundamentals
Andrew Haacke, Mac Tech

Simon Chang, Animation
Christina Pupo, Furniture
Martin Wicke, Industrial Design
Ash Xavier, BFTV
Tiago de Sousa, SPH
Feena Haniff, Coordinator of Digital Fabrication Lab
Carly William, Coordinator in Central Equipment ROom
Kim Ramsahoye, A100, Reception and Communications
Tammy Tesone, PSS at HMC

Retirements | Departures
Owen Colborne—August 30 last day
Shellie Zhang—Sept 7 last day

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