The Middle Child: Act II showcases at Sheridan Gallery

A gallery room that has paintings and drawings on the wall. The floor has three sculptures, consisting of mirror, wood, clay, and fabric. Fourth-year Art and Art History students have curated their own show, The Middle Child: Act II at the Trafalgar campus gallery. The exhibition is a continuation of The Middle Child 2018 (a showcase of third-year student work) which was hosted at the Women’s Art Association of Canada in Toronto this past summer. This is the first year that the Art & Art History students have created a two-part exhibition, showcasing their progress as fourth-year students and aspiring curators and artists.

Read below for a statement from the curators and artists of The Middle Child: Act II

“We are The Middle Children. No longer newcomers, we have grown as artists and individuals by setting out to realize our own potential and seizing opportunities both within and outside the institution. Join us as we continue to take steps toward a bright artistic future.”

The exhibition will be open from November 25, 2018 – December 9, 2018.

Student Curators and Artists: Ryanne Florence, Yeshi Gyalpo, Anica Latchman, Sarah Pereux, Mackenzie Boyd, Anran Guo, Morgan Garside, Sabrina Cunha, Paige Julian, Ryan Manahan, Angela T. Clarkson, Sabrina Bilic, Nora Zivkovic, Julie Nowakowski, Veronikia Garbowska, Katherine Frank, Jay Gonzalez, Kim Hayung, Kristy Corcoran, Alex Detwiler, and Nada Hafez

Installers and Gallery Coordinators: Jamie Owens and Thea Haines

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