Sheridan’s MASSIVE Alumni Myron Genyk, Ryan Maxwell, and Patrick Flattery showcase Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread is a new musical theatre production developed at Sheridan by Myron Genyk, who was a student last year in the Music Applied to Stage, Screen, and Interactive Visual Environments program (MASSIVE). Genyk is a composer and lyricist. Lesia Chytra, who developed the story based on her latest novel, is a bookwriter.

They worked closely with eleven music theatre degree-completion students, who took this on as their capstone project. The outcome of this collaboration resulted in a staged reading of the material. Genyk and Chytra then presented the show for two fully-produced performances in November 2018 at the Plast Huculak Centre in Etobicoke, with more than 420 guests in attendance. Also working on the production of these performances were two other alumni from the MASSIVE program: Ryan Maxwell as the orchestrator, and Patrick Flattery as the sound technician. The show continues in development. 

Breaking Bread Synopsis:

Set in 1930s Soviet Ukraine at the onset of the Holodomor, the man-made Ukrainian famine which killed millions of Ukrainians—the play follows Nadia, a young woman in 1930s Ukraine trying to find her place in the world, and where her definitions of hope and freedom are challenged by her community as well as the tragic consequences of soviet ideology imposed upon her fellow villagers.

When Sheridan launched MASSIVE a few years ago, the intention was to have students in this one-year Post Grad Certificate program partner with students in other programs who were seeking original scores for their work. MASSIVE students have worked not only with Music Theatre, but also with Sheridan Game Design students and Animation students to score their games and films.

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