Animation faculty Tony Tarantini teaches animation workshop at Chitkara University in Punjab, India

In Tony’s words:

One of the greatest pleasures I take away from teaching is the ability to share my knowledge, enthusiasm and love for animation with young artists eager to learn. My 18 years teaching at Sheridan have convinced me that we attract some of the best national and international students from around the globe. 

I had the pleasure of meeting some of these hopeful Sheridan candidates during my trip to India in late October 2018 – during reading week. I was invited to participate in an event called Global Week organized by Chitkara University in India, Punjab province, where I delivered a 5-day workshop on animation production. The event was attended by 70 plus professors from around the world, all accommodated in a wonderful hotel. It turned out to be a terrific opportunity for networking and collegial sharing of ideas.

The hospitality was first rate and the university campus was full of life and absolutely inspiring.  Our reputation in the Punjab region precedes us, and I took full advantage of it to further promote our great programs.

The hosting university was quite generous in covering my expenses. I offered an additional three-day animation workshop at Arena  (watch the interview, here), a terrific private school in Chandigarh. This was an amazing experience that left a lasting impression on me. The level of respect that students have for their teachers and hunger for information is truly admirable. 

Although my free time was limited I did take in a bit of India, and well…let’s just say I experienced a bit of culture shock. Not when I got there, but when I came back to Canada…funny thing? I underestimated India’s ability to affect my perception of reality, even question my deep-seated paradigms? 

These are the types of experiences that we should encourage our students to have and we can provide those opportunities through exchange programs with other institutions. Sheridan seems to be in great demand when it comes to exchanges.  I have personally been approached many times, maybe you’ve had the same experience?

Tony Tarantini with students from Chitkara University in India, Punjab province.

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