Craft & Design students participate in Toronto’s Winter Stations

Winter Stations, now in its fifth year, is an international design competition that aims to celebrate the city of Toronto’s winter waterfront landscape through art. The exhibition’s theme this year is Migration. 

Chairavan at Winter Stations

If you visit The Beaches in Toronto to experience the exhibition, you will see Chairavan– an art installation by an interdisciplinary team from Sheridan College’s Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design program who were invited to participate this year. This year’s participation in the exhibition is rooted in a project that began in October 2018 as part of a curriculum-based initiative, where students from three years of the program are put into interdisciplinary teams to solve a specific design challenge. Previous projects have included investigations of light, food, shelter and other socially relevant themes. This year the theme presented by Winter Stations focuses on mobility. 

The project description below shares how Chairavan reflects this year’s Winter Stations theme of Migration: 

Wide and narrow, tall and short, fragile and strong the community assembles and a powerful impulse takes hold. The migration begins. Strife and opportunity, joy, and sorrow, hopes and fears are hurdles that will be faced and endured as the journey unfolds. The journey ahead unknowable and the outcome remains uncertain. 

Chairavan re-imagines the lifeguard tower as a migratory species. The proportions of the original tower have been stretched, shrunk, and distorted to create a pleasing array of characters within the species. The placement of the chairs in turn suggest a pattern of migration that is at once familiar and satisfying. 

The student groups had one week to develop a concept, execute a scale model, and prepare a presentation to fit the Winter Stations competition guidelines. The final submission was juried by Danny Bartman of LGA Architectural Partners and the studio faculty. The project stands as an excellent example of a collaborative and responsive design process, involving a dedicated group of students and faculty that realized all elements of the work for this exciting professional opportunity to engage with the public community. 

The exhibition runs from February 18 to April 1, 2019. 

Chairavan was designed and fabricated by Bachelor of Craft and Design students Audrey Assad, Brendan Boers, Mae Garcia, Jennifer MacDonald, Matthew McIntyre and Curtis Mohrhardt, with installation assistance by Quinn Macgowan and Vance Bauman.

Bachelor of Craft and Design Support by Peter Fleming and Christina Pupo.

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