The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory exhibits Art Fundamentals Insect Sculptures

In January 2019, the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge, Ontario invited 25 Art Fundamental program students to showcase their cardboard insect sculptures in an exhibit gallery from February 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019. The sculptures are currently displayed at the conservatory to contribute to public education programs that help foster a greater appreciation for the insects. In addition to the displays in the exhibit rooms, the conservatory has a vast collection of over 2000 free-flying butterflies, dried mounted insects, terrariums, and natural history exhibitions. 

In the Art Fundamentals course Intro to 3-Dimensional Design, students create work for a project titled “Don’t Bug Me” Insects, Bugs, and Entomology in 3D Design, Planar Exploration in Cardboard. The students were asked to construct an insect using cardboard and brown paper as material, and to delineate the form to enhance the insects’ qualities and characteristics. Amongst the sculptures chosen were a firefly, leaf insect, clearwing moth, wood boring beetle, Luna moth, a centipede, and a bee. Through this project, students learn how to successfully use design components such as visual research, using scale, and material exploration. 

Some of the students’ work, featured below:

Students exhibiting: Andrew Armstrong, Sybil Chewing, Aliyah Clarke, Abigail Curtis, Soomi Eom, Jasper Finch, Nicole Ferreri, Tatiana Argueta Garcia, Natalie Khanyera, Grace Im, Maxine Kryzaniwsky, Kirsten MacDougall, Candace Oldfield, Stephen Patterson, Kirsten Rogers, Nicolas Salisbury. Levi Salvador, Viktoriya Sim, Trevor Sokolowski, John Truong, Kara Woodburn, Anteng Yin, Liane Chan, Madison Sola, and Amy Xli. 

Faculty involved: Susan Beniston, Kristin Mesley, Virginia Di Ruscio. 

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