Music Theatre students perform The Louder We Get at Sheridan Pride Week

Sheridan students wowed us last Wednesday with a pop-up musical performance as part of Sheridan Pride Week. Fourth-year Bachelor of Music Theatre students Noah Beemer, Emma Burke-Kleinman, Michael Derworiz, Jill Goranson and Kelsi James performed a lively rendition of the title number from The Louder We Get in the SSU atrium on April 3. 

Formerly titled Prom QueenThe Louder We Get is the true story of 17-year-old Marc Hall, a Canadian highschool student who sued the Catholic School Board back in 2002 when they refused to let him attend prom with his boyfriend. The story follows Marc as he fights not only for his right to choose his prom date but also for the right to be different and have his voice heard. This modern-day tale embraces diversity, inclusion and human rights.  

Five Sheridan Music Theatre students perform the title number from The Louder We Get in the SSU Atrium on April 3.

The Louder We Get is an original Canadian musical that was first incubated in the Canadian Music Theatre Project (CMTP) at Sheridan. CMTP is an excellent example of what happens when you put creativity and innovation together. It is Canada’s first incubator for the development of new musical theatre works, as well as a permanent headquarters for our students to workshop incredible professional musicals and learn from guest artists. Lucky for us, we get to witness the extraordinary talents of our students first-hand on our campus! 

Looking for more? 

Check out the Music Theatre Program’s upcoming event: Diva Day Cabaret on April 25.This fundraising event is part of Diva Day 2019, an initiative that aims to empower young women to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in their bodies and in our world. 

Upcoming Event:The CMTP Presents: Stars of Mars

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