Students and Alumni score big nominations at the annual Canadian Cinema Editors Awards

An impressive 11 Sheridan alumni and 2 current students are being recognized at the Canadian Cinema Editors Awards this month.

Alumni from our Advanced Television and Film and Media Arts programs are nominated in 8 categories, with two of our current Bachelor of Film and Television students, Brendan Barnard and Zachary Roth, chosen in the Student Merit Award Category for their work on After Animals (Barnard) and Rosie (Roth) respectively.

The Canadian Cinema Editors Awards celebrate artistic and technological excellence in the creation of motion-pictures, while also recognizing the significant contributions of cinema editors to the telling of stories. This year marks their 9th annual awards.

Our nominated alumni are:

  • Annellie Samuel (Media Arts ‘86) – Magic School Bus, Rides again: I Spy with my Animal Eyes, Lee Maund (Media Arts ‘89) – Hotel Transylvania: Fangceanera, and Tom Berger (ATVF ‘04) – Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups and Space Between Stars in the Best Editing in Animation category.
  • Wendy Hallam Martin, CCE (Media Arts ’88) – The Handmaid’s Tale: Episode 201 June in the Best Editing in TV Drama category.
  • Steve Taylor (ATVF ‘04) – Hip-Hop Evolution: The Southern Way in the Best Editing in Docu-series/Factual Category.
  • Lisa Grootenboer, CCE (Classical Animation ‘82) – Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey in the Best Editing in MOW/Mini-Series category.
  • Ryan Monteith (Media Arts ‘00) – The Amazing Race: The Battle of the Two Courtney’s, Top Chef Canada: Que Rico, and Top Chef Canada: Wine of the Tiger in the Best Editing in Reality/Competition/Lifestyle category.
  • Teresa Hannigan, CCE (Media Arts ‘79) – I Beat Up My Rapist in the Best Editing in Short Film category.
  • Christine Armstrong (Media Arts ‘07) – Kristal Clear 107: Only with Heart in the Best and Shelley Therrien (ATVF ‘11) – Ghost BFF in the Best Editing in a Web-Based Series category.
  • Courtney Goldman (ATVF ‘08) – Odd Squad: World Turned Odd in the Best Editing in Family: MOW, Live Action category.

Congratulations to our students and alumni who are nominated at the Canadian Cinema Editors Awards this year. We are proud to see the incredible talents of our students and alumni being recognized in the film and television industry.

The Canadian Cinema Editors award winners will be announced on May 30, 2019, at the Delta Hotel in Toronto during an evening ceremony that will celebrate excellence in the editing of film, television, and new media.

Note: The image used in this post was sourced from Google Images, and is owned by the Canadian Cinema Editors Awards website.

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