2019 Visual Merchandising Arts Portfolio Show | SPECTRA: House of Colour

On April 10, 2019 our Visual Merchandising Arts program hosted their portfolio show SPECTRA: House of Colour to a range of industry professionals at the Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga. Inspired by mid-century design, SPECTRA is set in an elegant, colourful world. With a spectrum of colours being featured in vignettes based on rooms of home, the show displayed a life filled with elegance, over-abundance, and excessiveness.

PORCH (yellow): “Welcome to the party – our mid-century slice of life!  Our host LuLu Lemon is dressed to impress for this evening’s soiree – but wait – she forgot her precious lemon tree!  There is no such thing as being over-dressed” Students: Danielle, Hiba, Kathryn, May, Sam & Nahed

KITCHEN (coral): “Step into the curated chaos of the kitchen, where mid-century modern reigns supreme and menswear becomes womenswear.  Hungry? Have one donut or twenty!  Take a slice of the giant cake because in this house, you will never go hungry!”  Students: Rizva, Merna, Corneila, Jocelyn, Shaianne, & Cynthia 

LIVING ROOM (red): “Energy, passion, desire and action.  Red has a potent relationship with fashion and interiors.  Have a seat in the living room, or enjoy a signature cocktail while Scarlett looks on.”   Students:  Julie, Palvi, Josh, Taylor, Emily, & Mecayla

LAUNDRY ROOM (purple): “Why can’t the laundry room become the glam room? Peri the poodle enjoys the ultimate spa treatment when basic elements of the average laundry room are transformed”  Students: Ryan, Yujeong, Emma, Qiulan, & Liam

BEDROOM (blue): “The bedroom is one’s sanctuary – except when a party is on!  Here guests can leave their coats on the bed and get back to socializing. However, keep one eye open – a catastrophe is about to pounce.”  Students: Brittany, Emily, Olivia, Alanna, Yifeng, & Bo 

BATHROOM (green): “Lady in Green is getting ready for a glamorous 60’s party. While bubbles overflow, the party has already started – and she is fashionably late!”  Students: Tess, Heather, Shelby, Diana, Eric & Kevin  

The Visual Merchandising Arts students had a hand in every aspect of making and presenting their portfolio show, using their range of professional skills from concept to execution. In this process, students worked in groups to pitch and present ideas for their displays, and executed their vision by working hands-on with faculty, technicians, and community partners.

Photography: Jenna MacDermaid 

Looking for more? Visit Sheridan’s Visual Merchandising Arts Instagram: @sheridanvisualmerchandising

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