Art & Art History Grads exhibit What Now Remains

What Now Remains presented by the Bradley House Museum in Mississauga features the artwork of four recent graduates from the Art and Art History program. This exhibition showcases artwork made by emerging artists Julia Bonavita, Sonia Pajakowski, Mira Szuberwood, Bella Venditello, and Emiley Webb.

Through drawing, video, photography, and performance, What Now Remains explores the act of seeing and how vision impacts the notions of everyday life. Using the concept of ‘the everyday’ as inspiration, this group of works re-present the artists’ self-image and relationships to space by directing the viewer on how and where to look. In this process, the artists seek to show what is extraordinary in the mundane. Using materials such as chewing gum, charcoal, paper, photography, and digital video, the artists push the technical limitations of their mediums to emphasize that the act of seeing is mediated and selective, while simultaneously reaching beyond the limitations of the body to explore a new way of seeing.

Recently graduated Art & Art History students at their opening of What Now Remains at the Bradley House Museum. From left to right: Bella Venditello, Mira Szuberwood, Emiley Webb, Sonia Pajakowski, and Julia Bonavita.

The title of What Now Remains reflects on the students’ growth throughout the Art and Art History program. During their Advanced Projects course, Julia, Sonia, Mira, Bella, and Emiley spent two semesters developing a body of self-directed artwork with their faculty. In September 2018, the group of students aspired to have an exhibition of their own. The students led every step of their exhibition process: reaching out to the Bradley House Museum, selecting artwork, writing artist statements, poster design, artwork installation, and hosting the exhibition opening. Leading their own post-graduate exhibition provided the group with valuable curating and gallery installation experience while introducing their work to the Mississauga community.

What Now Remains will be on display at the Bradley House Museum from June 19 – 30, 2019.

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