Sheridan’s Public Creativity Studio 2019

Part of what makes Sheridan creative is how we use our spaces for learning, innovation, and collaboration. Building our creative campus includes making space for serendipitous connections between students, faculty, and staff. These connections allow for the building of community, for the generation of new ideas, and the sharing of exciting projects. Sheridan’s Public Creativity Studio is a summer internship program that provides Sheridan students experiential learning experience and the opportunity to collaborate on projects that have a real impact on our campus spaces.

This year’s studio builds on the work from last summer’s Public Creativity Studio. Bachelor of Interaction Design faculty Ed Naus leads this year’s studio as the students explore wayfinding, the use of public space, and accessible design solutions at our Trafalgar campus. In a design-studio environment, the students use research and prototypes to explore the possibilities of our SCAET building and C-wing to allow for more accessible seating, creating spaces for both collaboration and privacy, furniture solutions for hosting events and incorporating more technology into our campus.

See the renderings of SCAET done by Interior Design students Juliana Nicolas and Xidan Zhang below:

  • Mock-up of kiosks in SCAET.
  • Up-close rendering of kiosk for events and student work.
  • Media Table Seating
  • An accessible seating and standing area built for the windows on the main floor of the SCAET building.

This year’s interdisciplinary team of students are Ali Arce, Kayla Bajnauth, Natalee Hutchinson, and Pearson Huguenin from Interaction Design, Zhouquan Peng from Industrial Design, and Xidan Zhang and Juliana Nicolas from Interior Design. Completing 420 working hours together over 12 weeks, the students visit industry professionals such as Mayhew and Big Digital to source materials, and use research methodology to study how our Sheridan community uses the SCAET and B-wing.

This research allows the students to see how our various disciplines of Industrial, Experiential and Interior Design converge to address design problems posed by our community. Students have re-imagined richer uses of these spaces with new prototypes that include individual and group seating, wall nooks, a video wall, kiosks, and a media table. They have also explored innovative ways to mount interactive displays of student work in the SCAET lobby.

See a rendering of a walkthrough of all their designs together in SCAET done by Interior Design student Juliana Nicolas.

Industrial Design student Zhouquan Peng constructed the video panels seen above, in collaboration with Interaction Design student Pearson Huguenin and Scott Wilson (IXD Alumni) who designed the interactive components and interface of the video wall.

Xidan Zhang’s renderings of a new, accessible seating solution for our C-wing pit:

  • 3D rendering of seating in the C-wing pit.

The work from this summer’s Public Creativity Studio will serve as incredible input on the design of our campus spaces going forward.

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