Summer at Sheridan: A look into our Drawing for Animators program

Each summer, up to 260 aspiring high-school animators come to Sheridan to participate in our Drawing for Animators program. We stopped by the Animation 101 course to capture some of the magic that happens in the classroom.

Nic Ter Horst’s pose-to-pose walk cycle used as an example in the Animation 101 class.

With professor Nic Ter Horst, students are taken through the cycle of creating characters and bringing them to life. They learn the mechanics of walk cycles, and how to represent them with hand-drawn keyframes. By the end of the four-day course, these young animators will have created a looping animation of a believable walking character.

An Animation 101 student working on their hand-drawn animation.

In Drawing for Animators, students get the opportunity to work hands-on with our renowned Animation professors and with professional-grade software. We are proud to host this outstanding learning opportunity at Sheridan so aspiring animators can build a portfolio that may help them secure a spot in our Animation degree program.

8 Comments on “Summer at Sheridan: A look into our Drawing for Animators program

  1. Wonderful program!! Is this program available every summer? If yes, how can I know and apply on next summer ?

    • Hello Sanfy,

      Thank you for your question!

      The Drawing for Animators program is offered every summer. For details on the next session, please visit the program’s website . You can anticipate the registration to be open in January.

      I hope this helps,
      Sheridan Arts

  2. Mi hija le encanta la animación, se encuentra en secundaria. Me podrían dar información sobre los cursos y la carrera de animación.
    Realmente estamos muy interesados.
    Saludos desde CR.

    • Hi Walter,

      Thank you for your interest in our Animation program. For more information about our program, it’s courses, and what our students do after graduation, please visit the Animation program page.

      I hope this helps,
      Sheridan Arts

    • Hi Novitasari,

      We plan to have registration open by the end of January! Please continue to check the CAPS website for when registration opens.

      Sheridan Arts

      • hi,

        the drawing for animation is not yet open until now, any update when it might be open?
        we come from foreign country, need to well-prepare the trip accordingly.

        thank you.

        • Hi Novita,

          Thank you for your patience as we work to get the courses up for registration. We expect registration to be open tomorrow morning, Feb 11.

          Sheridan Arts

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