Art and Art History presents The Middle Child

The middle child poster with black and white text.

Third-year Art and Art History students presented the 7th rendition of The Middle Child from July 18 – 25, 2019 at the Dignam Gallery, Women’s Art Association of Canada, located in Toronto. This student-led exhibition showcases their artistic and curatorial talents.

The artists included in this year’s exhibition are Cassandra Adams, Sabrina Bilic, Jasmine Canaviri, Laura Colacci, James Legaspi, Katrina Leslie, Jennifer Liu, Christine Pacheco, Le Emma, Juliette Sherland, Veronica Spiljak, Vu Thang, Isabella Varrasso, Jessica Velasco and Alek Vuksinic.

A group of Art and Art history students posing for a picture at their show opening for The Middle Child 2019.
Exhibiting artists present at the exhibition opening (left to right, back to front): Veronica Spiljak, Katrina Leslie, Sabrina Bilic, Emma Juliette Sherland (curator), Christine Pacheco Le (curator), Cassandra Adams, Jasmine Canaviri (curator), Isabella Varrasso, Jen Liu, James Legaspi, Thắng Vũ and Jessica Velasco (curator).

The Middle Child exhibition began in 2009 when third-year Art and Art History (AAH) Program students Jessica Vallentin and Mallory Hazlett organized a show of their third-year class in the lobby of Annie Smith. The students came up with the clever title of The Middle Child — acknowledging third-year students’ sandwiched position in a four-year program. In 2012, we held a third-year AAH survey show at the University of Toronto Art Centre (UTAC) also called The Middle Child. Since 2012, this student-driven, third-year AAH survey show is now a tradition. The exhibition continues to showcase a critical juncture in our students’ artistic development as they move into the creation of self-directed and interdisciplinary artwork in their third year of study.

Jasmine Canaviri, He said I’d look good pregnant (2019), concrete

We are proud of our passionate and hard-working Art and Art History students who come together as a team to continue the tradition of The Middle Child. We extend our congratulations to them on a successful show!

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