Media Fundamentals faculty Alan Flint’s summer in Cuba

Sheridan Media Fundamentals program coordinator Alan Flint has a long history of collaborating with the arts community in Cuba. This past summer was particularly eventful: he mounted an exhibition of his print media works, led a symphony performance with his band and an orchestra of Cuban musicians, and interviewed a spiritualist named Pablo who lives in the Sierra Maestra mountains.

Alan’s art exhibition, “La Tecnologia de la Inclusion” ran at Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas y Diseno. The show featured thirty years’ worth of his experimental printmaking.

Another highlight was Alan’s performance of his original compositions. Alan performed with his band and an orchestra at Sala de Concierto Dolores, a venue for professional musical productions in Cuba.

One hundred people attended the concert at the Sala de Concierto Dolores where it was well-received by the community. The band has been invited to continue touring the show in December across different provinces.

Alan made time during his trip to interview a spiritualist named Pablo and his family as part of the pitch material for a documentary. Alan traveled to Pablo’s family home in the Sierra Maestra mountains to learn more about their culture and traditions. The pitch material is being used to apply for funding of a full-length documentary that will feature Cuban people and their personal histories.  

In addition to working with artists in Cuba, Alan brings Cuban artists to Canada for art exhibitions and artist talks. This past April, Alan worked with Sheridan’s International Centre to bring artist Israel Tamayo Zamora to our Trafalgar campus. During the visit, Israel presented an artist talk to our Media Fundamentals and Art and Art History students. These valuable connections that our faculty make while abroad bring back a wealth of experiences, perspectives, and artistic knowledge to share with our Sheridan community.

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  1. To Alan flint.
    Hello my name is Ali perez I am from Santiago de Cuba. I would like to congratulate you on the beautiful job in Cuba recently my niece Arlenis perez and my brother Salatiel Pérez she is a singer my brother a musician or Orquesta director they have the opportunity to participate in the Sala Dolores night. Amazing work

    • Thank you for your comment, Ali! We will let Alan know of your comment so that he can read it.

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