Work-In-Process is now on display at HMC

Work-In-Process, the newly completed, multi-faceted installation is now on display at Sheridan’s HMC campus in the B-Wing’s second-floor Creativity Commons. The work is intended to represent the many facets of creativity at Sheridan. On September 25, it had its official opening alongside the Creative Campus Galleries exhibition of Ground: Pathways for Connection in a Contemporary World.

A large white and orange geometric form that is made of triangular elements that showcase videos.

Designed by FAAD professors Claire Ironside and Doug Donald, Work-In-Process was built from acrylic, steel, wood, and aluminum and supported by staff, students and faculty from across the College’s three campuses as well as industry partner, Canon Canada Inc.

The five projectors in the ceiling above will project images of our stories on to the facets of the sculpture below.

The sculpture functions as an interactive visual portal that showcases events, workspaces, and content created by students and faculty from across Sheridan. Images will be refreshed regularly with content that any member of the Sheridan community can upload to

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