CATS Art Fundamentals Silent Art Auction 2019

The 2019 Art Fundamentals Silent Art Auction is up and running from November 18 to 28. This year’s theme is CATS.

Original and unique works of art have been created and generously donated by Sheridan faculty in Illustration, Animation, Visual and Creative Arts, Interior Design, Media Fundamentals, and Art Fundamentals programs. Their works are currently on display in the A-wing hallway at Sheridan’s Trafalgar campus.

Kirsten Abrahamson, Art Fundamentals faculty and the lead organizer of the auction, says the project is a great way to connect and collaborate with faculty in different FAAD programs:

“For our participants, it was a labor of love. And they think it’s really fun, too, because it builds a sense of creativity outside of our programs. It’s nice because we don’t often get a chance to do things as a group like that.”

Fellow Art Fundamentals faculty Antonio Cangemi and Corinne Duchesne assisted Kirsten in setting up this year’s auction. Corinne suggested that the theme involved cats. Kirsten believes that the excitement around the works this year has a lot to do with the furry topic:

“Even if you don’t love cats, I think it entertains some people or enlightens them into the magical world of cats!”

Kirsten donated three mixed-media works to this year’s auction, combining her training in ceramics and sculpture with her newfound passion for embroidering. The works merge painting, ceramics, and textiles.

See some of the works below:

All of the funds raised go towards the Art Fundamentals student awards at the end of the academic year. Kirsten describes the awards as a celebration that acknowledges the student’s hard work and growth throughout the one-year program:

 “I think it’s nice to acknowledge the students for their achievements, and it positively impacts them because even if they get nominated, they can put that on their resume. To be acknowledged in their first-year post-secondary, I think that’s quite an achievement.”

Supporting the Art Fundamentals Silent Art Auction helps both students and faculty. It is an exceptional opportunity to own an original piece of artwork.

This year the auction is being hosted online at Bid Beacon. Once you have registered with the app, click join the auction and enter JF2KB7 to access the sale.

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