A Day in the Life of a Studio Art Model

Simone Sicard posing next to some of Sheridan's studio art model costumes.

Read on to learn more about what it is like to be a studio art model in the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design at Sheridan College.

What is a studio art/life model?

Life models inform our students’ knowledge of the human body, movement, and emotion. They typically work in our Animation, Illustration, Art and Art History, Visual and Creative Arts, and Art Fundamentals programs. Life models are a critical part of the curriculum:  students can directly observe the form and anatomy of the human body, and learn to accurately depict structure, form, and tone.

Work by animation students Britney Luc and Gisele Zach

Life models should have a good understanding of how their poses directly bear on the learning of our students.

During class sessions, the model will position themselves in different ways to showcase different sets of muscles, postures, movements, and emotions. Some class sessions require extended portrait poses, involving costumes and props, or short dynamic poses to showcase movement. Diverse models provide diverse human forms for students to study.

Life modeling is often a career, requiring individuals to maintain professional working relationships and a commitment to learning and growing. Sheridan College maintains a safe and inclusive working environment. Our newest Model Coordinator, Simone Sicard is committed to reinforcing the standards of the life modeling industry at Sheridan.

Simone is dedicated to supporting and advocating for Sheridan’s team of models. Armed with a background in fine art and arts management, one of Simone’s primary goals is to engage in an open recruiting process for life models of all backgrounds and experiences, and to encourage them to consider modeling as a lifelong career.

“We have a great team of models here at Sheridan.  They are talented and committed to the profession. We are always looking to grow this team with new talent.”

Simone Sicard

Simone hopes that our modeling team continues to reflect the diversity of our student body.

“I would love for the students to see themselves represented on the model stand.”

Simone Sicard

Work by Animation students Melanie Tsol and Jennifer Wu

See Sheridan’s job site for the current posting. Feel free to reach out directly to Simone if you have questions.

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