FAAD students and faculty collaborate with Sephora

Lots of incredible work and exciting opportunities are coming from our FAAD programs located at our HMC Campus this semester! Starting off the year strong with a Chinese New Year installation at the HMC campus, our students and faculty are now working on a larger project with the international makeup brand, Sephora.

In 2019, Visual Merchandising Arts Professor Karen Kritzer, and Bachelor of Interior Design student Karen Hernandez traveled to the NRF (National Retail Federation) Conference, sponsored by PAVE (Planning And Visual Education) in New York. PAVE is an organization that connects students, educators, and industry professionals who support the retail industry. The event, open to industry professionals and post-secondary schools across the United States, was a great opportunity to network with different retailers and to meet the directors of PAVE. A highlight was a tour of the PUMA store located on Fifth Avenue with members of Puma, and various architects and the store design and construction team. This connection with PAVE was made possible by attending Global Shop (Retail X) in 2018. Faculty members Diane Sprirodoulias, Louise Franklin, Shelley Woods, and Karen Kritzer were able to attend seminars and to connect with industry leaders as well as attend the PAVE Gala.  

This January, PAVE reached out to Sheridan to ask if our students would be interested in designing a tradeshow booth. This has been an annual project that partners, a brand, together with a fixture manufacturer and a school. This year’s pairing of Sheridan along with Sephora and Mcrae Imaging is an exciting collaboration. The winning concept will be fabricated, and the tradeshow booth will be on display at RetailX, a conference for new developments in retail experiences, taking place in Chicago in June 2020. 

A student and professor (right) are standing at a drafting table discussing designs.

A combination of our second-year Visual Merchandising students, along with Bachelor of Interior Design and a few Architectural Technology students, are currently developing design ideas and concepts for their booths in their Tradeshow and Showroom course. Working in groups, the students will send their final design ideas to Sephora in March. The winning design will be brought to life by the selected group of students. This hands-on experience is allowing students to apply design-thinking and brand guidelines to create an interactive and engaging booth for industry members in a real-world project.

We are proud of our faculty members Louise Franklin, Karen Kritzer, Pak Lun, and Shaneez Samuel, who are leading our students in this exciting project!

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