BFTV students and faculty connect at Film and Television Conference

A stage set up for five panelists at the CCE Conference.

Earlier this month, our Bachelor of Film and Television (BFTV) students had the exciting opportunity to represent Sheridan and connect with industry at a film and television conference hosted by the Canadian Cinema Editors Group (CCE). 

BFTV professor Victoria McGlynn and students Chen Sing, Emily Ryder, Tommy Gareau, Neal Shakyaver, Lexy Pakenham-Troth, Matthew Williams, Asad Chaudry, Baily Regier, Karin Elyakim, and Alex Burke attended four discussion panels. The panels featured a broad range of professionals sharing their expertise. One of the panels described what it is like to edit a non-scripted reality TV show, like The Amazing Race and Top Chef Canada. Another panel talked about the process of cutting a dramatic film, such as Mouthpiece, Quebec’s Genesis, and Disney’s Kim Possible. A third panel highlighted comedic television editors who have worked on Workin’ MomsSchitt’s Creek, and Baroness von Sketch Show. The conference also explored the ideas behind the cut of Atom Egoyan’s films, with the award-winning and legendary picture editor Susan Shipton. 

Victoria McGlynn (front, center) with BFTV students.

Throughout the day, short clips were shown from each editor to discuss how they cut their scenes. Panelists discussed the challenges they faced while editing and how they came up with a solution. Our editing students learned much from hearing about their process, obstacles the editors faced, and how they got their careers started.

In between panels, the conference offered our students a unique chance to network and talk with industry editors, helping them gain contacts for when they begin internships and after graduation. The event allowed Victoria to model how to network, and she coached students on how to introduce themselves to industry members. Students were able to create a few new contacts of their own. For example, one student, Alex Burke, helped the CCE by taking photographs of the event for their website and social media to promote the conference for next year. 

We are proud of our faculty, Victoria McGlynn, and our students who proudly represent Sheridan and who continue to make meaningful connections in the industry. 

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  1. It’s always great to see the Sheridan students at EditCon. I think their networking etiquette rivals that of the industry vets, so someone is teaching them well!

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