Craft and Design 50th Anniversary

Sheridan’s Craft and Design program turns 50 this year, and throughout 2017 the faculty is organizing a series of events in celebration of both its proud history and the exciting future of the recently launched 4 year Honours Bachelor degree that will graduate its inaugural class in 2018. A series of alumni exhibitions and an accompanying book project aim to take stock of the long standing and continuing impact of the many phases of this program on the scene of Canadian Craft and Design.

First/ 50 Alumni Exhibition
April 28 – May 12, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 29, 2:00 – 6:00 PM
AA Wing Gallery, Trafalgar Campus

Each Studio Head has selected two established alumni to help kick off our 50th year celebration, in turn, these alumni were invited to submit work, but also to select three more recent or emerging alumni to submit work to the exhibition.
Participating artists include:

Marc Egan, 1990
Mary Philpott, 1995
Hannun Lyn, 2004
Nurielle Stern, 2012
Emma Smith, 2013
Habiba El Sayed, 2014
Joon Hee Kim, 2015
Jordan Scott, 2015
Susan Rankin, 1989
Blaise Campbell, 1990
Tanya Lyons, 1996
Nick Chase, 2007
Aaron Ousorren, 2008
Jesse Bromm, 2010
Kristian Spreen, 2015
Silvia Taylor, 2015
Heidi Earnshaw, 2000
Jason Dressler, 2003 & Lars Dressler
Jonathan Sabine, 2004
Katrina Tompkins, 2009
Dylan Mckinnon, 2010
Alastair Martin, 2011
Lauren Reed, 2013
Jake Whillans, 2015
Valerie Knapp, 1975
Vita Plume ,1977
Carole Sebert & Ana Cunningham, 1980 & 1998
Ingrid Bachmann, 1984
Jennifer Morris, 1989
Noelle Hamlyn, 2007
Alexia Bilyk, 2008
Anu Raina, 2010
We have other upcoming exhibitions planned for the fall of 2017 so please stay tuned for more announcements and exciting calls for entry!

To learn more about our Craft and Design program, visit the program page.

Photos by Owen Colborne and Shellie Zhang.