Illustration Instructor Rick Sealock Awarded for Images in Maisonneuve Magazine

Rick Sealock was contacted by Anna Minzhulina, the art director of Maisonneuve magazine, to create illustrations for an article titled ‘Wild Justice” in the Summer of 2012. The article discussed “how a bull was burned at the stake, a swarm of locusts excommunicated – animal trials were once surprisingly common. What does the strangest phenomenon in legal history say about our relationship with creatures around us?” Anna became aware of Rick’s illustration style when his work was published in Work/Life, an Uppercase directory of Canadian Illustration & Photography back in 2008, which featured a banjo-playing cowboy serenading a boar, surrounded by crazed chickens. She thought his work would be a perfect fit for the article “Wild Justice,” due to its dark and twisted animal subject matter. Rick produced “an insane amount” of sketches for Anna, and she selected six images for publication. The process from first sketch to final publication… Read More